Trying and Failing

Starfish_02_(paulshaffner)This past month I entered a contest and lost. I didn’t win. I didn’t get the prize. I didn’t get the title. I failed. AND…I am already looking for the next contest, and I’ll be happy again even if I fail. Why? Am I a glutton for punishment? No, in fact it is exactly the opposite.

Is it worth trying, even when the possibility of failure exists?

There are so many good things that happened in the process of the contest and even in the failing of it – and in fact, it looks as though the best things are yet to come. I received so many wonderful comments from people I know, and even many more people who I don’t know personally who said that I and/or Powerful You! touched their life in some way. This is reason enough to put yourself out there – You never know who you are reaching.

And now, the Top Ten Finalists, of which I am one, are in a conversation to present one another to our respective lists. These people are thought leaders, teachers and experts, and you will see their articles in upcoming newsletters. If I had not entered this contest, I would not be connected to these incredible individuals and I would not be reaching their networks. Yes, the best is yet to come.

What failure are you holding yourself back from?

Look, failing isn’t something we relish, and certainly not something we wish for, but it isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, those who don’t try are destined to continue in their life getting more of what they already have. Isn’t there something more you want? Put yourself out there and risk failure. The rewards are worth it! See my Top Ten article below.

Failure is a Part of the Journey of a Well-Lived Life.

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  1. Caly Lehrer

    I am so proud of you! You are such an inspiration to so many and your light always shines so beautfiully….ever so brightly. Keep letting that light which is YOU shine. So many are so grateful for the gift of you! You are truly a leader. With much love and admiration, ~Caly

  2. Sue Urda

    Dear Caly,
    You are so special and beautiful. Thank you for shining your own light and for acknowledging the truth you see. Namaste` and Blessings to you, Sue

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