What American Idol Does for America

american-idol-logoIt’s true that as Americans we love to celebrate winning; not the Charlie Sheen version, but honest to goodness winning.  We think we like to see the final result and to crown a victor, but the truth is that we love the process and the journey even more than we love the outcome – and this is a perfect metaphor for how to live our lives.

We all love to see someone going after their dreams. We love to see them getting a chance to hone their talent, to put it all out there and to take home the title.  We especially love a good story to accompany the contest. We love to hear of an underdog getting a shot, or a triumph over tragedy story that now finds the contestant on a path to the career of their dreams.  We’re even happy for them when they don’t win, because even those who don’t take home the title have had an opportunity to grow and experience far more than they would have if they didn’t take the first step.  For example, considering American Idol, it is unlikely that the contestants would otherwise have gotten to be mentored by the likes of Lady Gaga, Harry Connick Jr. or Jennifer Lopez. Even the so-called ‘losers’ are on their way to a life of fame and fortune beyond what they could have imagined.  There’s a wonderful saying…

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss,
you’ll land among the stars.

The journey is so much more exciting than any destination we could imagine. Sometimes the destination proves disappointing and is an end to a magnificent time of growth, perseverance, character-building and spiritual expansion.  If we are truly lucky and have grown enough, we will see the final result not as an ending, but as a beginning to an even more magnificent and powerful journey of life than we ever envisioned.

And so, as we live vicariously through the contestants of American Idol, let us transmute this newfound excitement and potential into our own lives and create a new and even bigger, more fulfilling dream for ourselves. And along the way to our dream, remember that the best dream we can create is an incredible journey!

The Joy is in the Journey ~ Enjoy the Process!

Enjoy the process of Networking with a Heart at a Powerful You! meeting.

Wishing you the Joy of Living!

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