Your Personal Brand – It’s an Inside Job

Animal---Seagull-soaringAre in the business of selling products or are you in the business of selling services?  No matter what you are selling, the most important aspect of any selling you do has nothing to do with what you are selling.  Sure the basics have to be in place – price, quality, benefits for the consumer and value – and yet, these are so much less important than the one critical factor that truly sells your products and services. What is the number one “selling point”?  It’s you.

How you represent the product or service is the single most important factor in creating a successful business and reputation.

Think about it:  Have you ever had a bad experience at a store and vowed that you would never shop there again, even though it is convenient and the prices are good?  Maybe it was poor customer service or a rude sales associate – whatever the reason, that person-to-person experience influenced you negatively and you will never go there again.  Conversely, you sometimes choose to shop where the prices are higher or the store is farther away because you like how you are treated and how you feel when you’re there. It’s all about branding – and more specifically, it’s about personal branding.  If you are in a service business, it’s even more crucial. So, what is your personal brand? Are you comfortable, approachable, helpful and knowledgeable? Do you handle problems with grace and ease or do you crack when things don’t go perfectly? Your demeanor, your authenticity and the perception your clients and potential clients have of you will lead them to do business with you or to look elsewhere.

Review your personal brand today and be sure it is working for you. Now, that’s Powerful!

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