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Field - SunflowersIn times of turmoil, angst and strife we seek comfort in that which we call ‘normal’.  We look for signs of what we know to be true, and we look for feelings that we are familiar with.  Truly when we experience an upheaval of any kind, there are moments of uncertainty.  It may be a physical upheaval like the loss of income, an injury or illness or moving our home. It may be an emotional upheaval like a shift in energy, an unexpected change of heart or the loss of a relationship.  No matter on what plane the angst comes through, we are immediately thrust into the unknown.  Our thoughts drift to easier and less complicated times when we knew where we stood, and we long for certainty and familiarity.

Getting back to basics is a ‘go to’ stance that enables us as human beings an opportunity to pull ourselves together.

Getting back to basics happens when we go inside and seek solace in our intuitive ‘knowing’.  The outward comfort we seek is actually a representation of the comfort of our Source, our God.  Getting back to basics is a natural instinct and one that we all understand.

Interesting though, sometimes when there is angst, it is not there for us to return to something known; instead it is a signal that we should move forward to something unknown and yet familiar to our intuitive guidance.  It is a yearning for something new that feels like something familiar, something that feels like home even though we have never been there before.

Getting back to basics really means getting back to our roots; getting back to the roots of our being, and not necessarily the roots of our past.  As you move through your changing world recognizing that which is true and right and good, you will recognize that the basics you seek are the basics of your soul.  Now, that’s Powerful!

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  1. helene

    so true about getting back to the simple times less is more

  2. Sue Urda

    Yes, Helene I agree… less is more!

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