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Do You Make It Easy or Difficult for Others?

Imagine this… You are a busy woman. You have planned your entire day, and even your week for that matter, and then you get the email.  You know: the email from a dear friend or a respected colleague with the subject line that reads “I need a favor…”  Your first thought is “Sure I’d like to help, let’s see what this is about”.  You read further and you realize they aren’t making it easy for you to help them.

If Only…

If only they had made it easy for you, you’d be happier about complying with their request.  You’d be … Read More

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Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover

We’ve all heard this statement and we know that the sentiment implies that there is more below the surface than what we see at first glance.  We also know that covers can be deceiving, shallow, inappropriate representations and sometimes even downright misleading. Is it possible that the surface of people is the same as the cover of a book?  Can the surface of anything ever actually ‘be’ face value?

Perception is 99% of Truth

So here’s where it gets a little bit hairy. It ends up that although we are looking at something on the surface, it is our personal … Read More

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Women Living Consciously Tour

Powerful You! Women’s Network gratefully announces the Women Living ConsciouslyTM National Tour 2012 – 2103.  These events reach out to women across the entire country and they are beneficial for women from all walks of life, especially entrepreneurs and women in business.  It serves as a great way for women to come together, learn, share, grow and network with other incredible women.

There are four scheduled tour events will be held on Fri. October 17th – November 2nd in the NJ Metro Area, Queens/Nassau NY, Hartford CT Metro Area and Southwest Florida. These full-day events each feature … Read More

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Nobody Knows Like Your Body Knows

You want answers and you want them now.  And you don’t want just any old answer; you want the right answer for your specific inquiry right now.  When you consult your thinking mind, you will find a good deal of information.  Your mind will guide you to the pros and cons, it will lead you through all your past experiences that relate to the question at hand, and it will provide all the options that are available.  Is this really what you want?  Lots and lots of options?  No.  You want the answer that is perfect for you, and you … Read More

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