Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover

We’ve all heard this statement and we know that the sentiment implies that there is more below the surface than what we see at first glance.  We also know that covers can be deceiving, shallow, inappropriate representations and sometimes even downright misleading. Is...

Releasing Judgment – Is it Possible?

We are bred to make judgments. Early on as kids we are taught the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. This translated to who we should be friends with, what school, sport and instrument is best for us, how to talk to authority figures, what to eat and...

Does Authenticity Frighten You?

Are you afraid to be yourself?  Do you only let people see certain parts of you? Do you only share what you think they will accept and agree with? This is not uncommon.  Although there is an allure and great freedom awaiting you when you live fully as the person you...

Who’s to Say?

    As you tune in to conversations that are going on around you, you will hear lots of people saying things like “That’s not good” or “That’s just plain wrong” or “It shouldn’t be this way”. Phrases like these express sentiments of displeasure, anger,...
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