You Matter & Someone Loves You

Sometimes we find ourselves questioning the meaning of life. We wonder what our true purpose is. We ask questions like, why is life so hard, why is there so much suffering, and what am I really here for? Sometimes we even ask the question, why am I alive? I just...

52 Lessons from My Father

Today marks 18 years since my father’s passing from this earthly plane and I will be spending this day honoring our relationship, our love and the many lessons I learned from him. I am grateful for having shared time with my father during his 52 years on this...

Relationships = Life

“The quality of our relationships equals the quality of our life.” – Tony Robbins Have you measured the quality of your relationships lately?  On a business level, are the clients or your co-workers happy with the amount of time you spend with them?  What about...

Is Common Sense Really So Common?

In the course of a day, I run across so many things that don’t make sense to me. Yesterday, I got some coffee from a restaurant in a food court.  When I proceeded to the area to get some cream and sugar, I found that it was also the order pick-up window.  I was...

Releasing Judgment – Is it Possible?

We are bred to make judgments. Early on as kids we are taught the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. This translated to who we should be friends with, what school, sport and instrument is best for us, how to talk to authority figures, what to eat and...
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