Celebrating Mom’s 75th

Today is my mom’s birthday and she’s 75. Today, I am celebrating the beautiful, strong, and loving woman that she is, and all she has meant to me over the years. I love that our relationship has grown so beautifully over the years – we’re still mom and daughter of...

52 Lessons from My Father

Today marks 18 years since my father’s passing from this earthly plane and I will be spending this day honoring our relationship, our love and the many lessons I learned from him. I am grateful for having shared time with my father during his 52 years on this...

Relationships = Life

“The quality of our relationships equals the quality of our life.” – Tony Robbins Have you measured the quality of your relationships lately?  On a business level, are the clients or your co-workers happy with the amount of time you spend with them?  What about...

Have You Forgotten Mother’s Day Already?

We haven’t! Why? Because Mother’s Day celebrates one of the most important relationships of our lives. Our mothers are our first loves, our first connection to the world, and in the womb they are literally our source for life. We rely on our mothers for nourishment,...

We Need Each Other

Scientists have been studying the interaction of human beings for centuries and the conclusion is always the same. We need each other. Physically we have a need for human touch. Infants who are not held and touched in their first months of life either die or become...
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