Your Body Knows Everything

Today I am listening to my body. It is telling me torest and relax. A few days ago while we were out walking, Kathy and I decided to do some interval sprints. It felt pretty darn good to be flying down the street – I know it didn’t necessarily look that way...

You Know When You Know

We’ve all experienced them – moments of complete and utter clarity. There is often no explanation, no foretelling, no definitive or traceable path… there is only clarity. Weeks, months, or even years of trying, planning, figuring, and work all seem to be unimportant...

Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover

We’ve all heard this statement and we know that the sentiment implies that there is more below the surface than what we see at first glance.  We also know that covers can be deceiving, shallow, inappropriate representations and sometimes even downright misleading. Is...

Enough is Enough

How do you know when you have reached your limit? How do you know when to stop, bless it and move on? How do you know when something good is good enough? These are not easy questions to answer, and indeed the right answer for you may not be the right answer for...

Are You a Believer?

I remember years ago when the word ‘Believe’ was a really important word for me.  I told myself that if I believed something enough, it would be true for me. I even bought things with the word ‘Believe’ on it and placed them around my home and office to remind me to...

Do Your Actions Match Your Vision?

The importance of having a clear, vivid vision that is exciting to the holder of the vision is a prerequisite for creating a specific, desired result. This is the first step – create your vision. See it, know it, dream it, feel it, write it.  These are the things that...
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