Would You Tell Me a Little Bit About Yourself?

Hmmmm… Sounds like a straightforward question, right? Tell me about yourself. This is the first question that will be asked of me for an interview I’ll be recording later today. Thank goodness I saw the questions in advance. I feel that the answer could be anything...

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

What a swirl of activity has been taking place in my life over the past several months. Some of it was really great and completely joy-filled – like moving to a new home, mini-vacation with mom and sis, and two new book launches. And some of it was not so great,...

Can You Really Learn From Someone Else?

I’ve been wondering lately if it’s truly possible to learn from someone else. What I mean is, do we have to experience something on our own, try it our own way—perhaps failing in the process—before we can say we have actually learned something? Or can we hear a story...

Sometimes You Need a Little Help

Some days are tough… or at least they feel that way when you’re in the middle of them! There are times when you don’t know if you have the strength to get through and yet you “keep on keepin’ on” because you simply feel that you don’t have a choice. The truth is, you...

What Are You Made Of?

Are you a stone or a gem?  Are you a caterpillar or a butterfly?  Are you a word or a book?  No matter where you are in your life… you are complete just as you are. Every stage of your life, every stage of your growth is exactly perfect in and of itself. Your image in...
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