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Releasing Judgment – Is it Possible?

People - Thinker at SunsetWe are bred to make judgments. Early on as kids we are taught the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. This translated to who we should be friends with, what school, sport and instrument is best for us, how to talk to authority figures, what to eat and even the type of person we want the world to see us as. And I don’t know if it felt this way to you, but I always felt that my parents wanted me to ‘just know this’ – almost as if I didn’t have time to learn it through experience, … Read More

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Only 25 Days Left in the Year ~ Who Cares?

hearts 3There are many posts on Facebook and Twitter and in the newsletters of many motivational coaches lately harkening the end of the year saying things like “Oh-Oh, only this many days left to achieve your goals” “Are you where you want to be?”, “You’re running out of time”. This type of language is pretty much threatening us that if we don’t do it now or before the end of the year that we may never actually get it done. Is this true?

Does it Really Matter That It’s the End of the Year?

Frankly, I am not a big fan … Read More

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