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Fringe-Dwellers, Nuts and Weirdos: Creativity and You

Stars - shiny foil“Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.”

– Anna Freud

Creativity is something borne of imagination–something that is new and different.  It is not imitative or already in existence.  Something truly created by the mind is not something that is brought forth through any type of training. It is fresh and exciting–it is conceived.

Can creativity be cultivated through training and upbringing?

Perhaps creativity can be taught and nurtured. Perhaps we can learn creativity as children, and then decide to believe we are creative and carry it with us throughout our lives.

For example, … Read More

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What Are You Made Of?

ChrysanthemumAre you a stone or a gem?  Are you a caterpillar or a butterfly?  Are you a word or a book?  No matter where you are in your life… you are complete just as you are.

Every stage of your life, every stage of your growth is exactly perfect in and of itself. Your image in the mirror is who you are at the very moment you see yourself. When life experiences happen each day and each moment, the person you see in the mirror shifts, even if it is ever so slight.

Know that the person you are at … Read More

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Genius is Immediate ~ True Talent Takes Time

bg blueWe all know someone who we think is a genius.  They always seem to have a brilliant idea, an incredible thought or a unique way of looking at things.  These people are an amazement to most of us who can count our truly brilliant ideas on one hand.  The most interesting thing about genius is that it is totally natural, it is easy and it is inborn.  In fact, to watch a true genius in action is practically a spiritual experience.

Genius… these ideas, these thoughts that just pop into our heads – they are truly a gift.  They are … Read More

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Open the Door to Your Soul

j0227726Lies.  Fibs.  White Lies.  Half-truths.  Real Whoppers.  Is there a difference?  Many of us like to think so.  We rationalize why it’s okay to speak something that isn’t exactly true.  Sometimes we say things that are partially true.  We omit parts of the story.  We don’t speak up and say something when perhaps we should.  There’s a saying, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”.  Perhaps we think a lie will serve our needs or the needs of the situation better than the truth.  Perhaps we are protecting ourselves, and maybe the person we lie to won’t be upset with … Read More

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