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You Matter & Someone Loves You

you-matter-you-are-lovedSometimes we find ourselves questioning the meaning of life. We wonder what our true purpose is. We ask questions like, why is life so hard, why is there so much suffering, and what am I really here for? Sometimes we even ask the question, why am I alive?

I just learned of the death and apparent suicide of a beautiful woman. She was someone who had a family and friends who cared about her and loved her. She had so much to look forward to… and apparently, she didn’t see it that way. Or perhaps she forgot that she … Read More

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Politicians and Comedians … The Common Thread


Comedian Ellen Degeneres doing stand up. Six keys for storytelling.

We all love to hear a rousing speech from our favorite politician. We are transfixed by every word and moved by innuendo. We hang tight as they relate the challenges, the pitfalls, the struggles and the plateaus. We celebrate with them as they regale the victories, large and small, and we’re on the bandwagon as they move to the climax of their speech.

And then… We exalt when they speak that one sentence, the catchphrase, the moniker that ties it all together. We love this sentence because it makes the … Read More

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Whatever Your Calling, It is God’s Work

beach - walkway toThere are some people who say “I have a vocation” or “I have a calling” or “I know that what I am doing is my purpose in life”. I used to be envious of these people until I realized that they are no different than anyone else on this earth, and they are certainly no different than me. These people simply had allowed themselves to be open to their purpose – and actually it’s even more than that…they have allowed themselves to decide what their purpose is.

Every thought, word and deed is a step towards your purpose.

What I … Read More

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Does Your Business Still Move You?

When you started your business you were thrilled and excited by the amazing possibility that lay before you.  The plans, the projections, the partnerships, the autonomy, the freedom, the bliss, the prospect of clients flocking to you in droves and lots of money flowing to you continuously.  The potential for growth was staggering and there was no thought of less than stellar revenues and profits, and certainly no thought of failure.  Then you started doing the work and realized that the vision you had became a mirage and you found yourself plodding along on a treadmill to nowhere.

If this Read More

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