Holiday Intentions

Holiday Intentions What the heck just happened? Have you ever thought these words to yourself? It’s the end of a day, or you’re walking out of a meeting, or you just tucked the kids into bed, and you wonder how the time passed so quickly … And you think to yourself:...

The Power of Focused Energy

Scattered beams of sunlight illuminate our entire planet. The same scattered beams, when concentrated through a piece of glass, can set a leaf on fire. This same concept of focus works for your thoughts, feelings and actions. When you are feeling “scatter-brained” it...

How to Heal Anything ~ LIVE!

On Tuesday, June 19th, at 7PM Eastern, my dear friend Kumari will be hosting a live-streaming show called, “How to Heal Anything ~ LIVE!” Her first show will address perhaps the most impactful topic in everyone’s life: “Healing Money Issues So You Can Lock in More...
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