A Slight Shift of Perspective

Have you ever cleaned a countertop, a window pane or a stainless steel refrigerator?  Have you noticed that when you moved away from it, even just an inch or two, you saw that you had missed a spot or that there were streaks you didn’t see before?  The surface that...

Sweet Home Alabama!

I never thought I’d say these words … except when I’m singing along with the song on the radio or watching (yet again) the feel-good movie of the same name. And yet, here I am saying out loud, “Sweet Home Alabama” because this is where Kathy and I are living for the...

Wisdom of the Hawk

“Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?”  ~Rose Kennedy  Look to the heavens and you may see a hawk, a seagull, a crane or another species of bird soaring high above the earth. There is much...

The Flow of the Universe is Abundant

As you look to the material things around you, you will see practical tools for ease of living, technological advances popping up each day, engineering masterpieces like bridges, cars and computers… these are the bounty of the resourcefulness of the mind. As you look...

Relationships = Life

“The quality of our relationships equals the quality of our life.” – Tony Robbins Have you measured the quality of your relationships lately?  On a business level, are the clients or your co-workers happy with the amount of time you spend with them?  What about...
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