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Who’s to Say?

As you tune in to conversations that are going on around you, you will hear lots of people saying things like “That’s not good” or “That’s just plain wrong” or “It shouldn’t be this way”. Phrases like these express sentiments of displeasure, anger, judgment and resistance to what exists. At times you may agree with these statements and you may even hear yourself saying them.

The big question is, “Who’s to say”?

Who’s to say what is right or wrong, good or bad? Who’s to say that things shouldn’t be as they are, especially as we observe them to be Read More

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Getting Others to Agree with You

There are times when you feel very clear about your path and you trust the direction in which you are moving. Much of the time, you find that others involved will be right there with you, totally aligned and in agreement. On occasion though, as you move forward someone steps forth and throws a kink in the works. They have their own plan, their own agenda, and it is definitely not in sync with yours. What to do?

Listen. Listen first to them. Listen with the intention of understanding their position and their motivation. Listen for the truth. Listen with Read More

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Making Tough Decisions

It should be easy to make decisions, right? You lay out the facts, make lists if pros and cons, get some expert advice and then you simply pick. If it were that easy though, we wouldn’t have so much angst and indecision in our lives. We would flit through life, choosing this, picking that, knowing our path and live happily with our decisions.

So, what’s the rub?

The rub is that decisions are not just a matter of spreadsheets and facts; decisions involve feelings. Each choice we make has an impact on our lives and the lives of others. Sometimes Read More

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Reflect, Release and Recharge

As we enter the new year, we find ourselves reflecting on the status of our lives. We look back on where have we been, what we have we done, whom have we interacted with and why things turned out as they did. We find ourselves happily rejoicing over successes, mourning over losses, rethinking those things that were not to our liking and often discarding that which does not serve us or makes us feel less than good. It is as if a period of life as we know it has come to an end, and therefore we are provided with Read More

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