Positivity vs. Negativity ~ What Wins Out?

Do you have a desire to be positive, and yet, you’re having a tough time with it? This may help… Positivity vs. Negativity ~ What Wins Out? Sometimes it’s tough to stay positive. There’s certainly negativity all around us – newspapers, online news sources, and TV news...

The Whole Enchilada or a Tasty Morsel

So what kind of gal are you? Do you like knowing every single detail before you make a decision? Do you need to know the ins and outs, the ups and downs? Are you always looking for more so you are satisfied that you won’t miss anything? Do you like to fill yourself up...

Happy New Year ~ Or Not

If you’ve been reading anything I’ve written on my blog over the years, you probably already know what I’m going to say…. I ask you to read it anyway. By now you know that YOU are the only one who gets to make 2013 a good year for yourself ~ or not. YOU...

Happy New Year (or Not)

The New Year is upon us and we have all heard many wishes of Happy New Year! We’ve wished it many times for others and we are all hoping and even praying it will turn out to be this way, right? Well, what happens to these wishes and thoughts of happiness as the month...
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