You are Powerful… Yes, YOU!

You are powerful beyond measure… Yes, YOU! What you say and do matters. How you feel and the vibes you’re emitting touch everyone around you, and these vibes go on to effect the entire population and planet. We’ve all heard it before...

Not so Merry and Bright?

‘Tis the season for good cheer, peace on earth and blessings. So why do you have moments of overwhelm and even sadness when the rest of the world seems to be merry and bright? It’s simple. The holidays bring up and amplify for us those emotions that may have been...

Do You Give Away Your Power?

As you move through each day, there are many moments of choice. In fact, your whole day is made up of choices. The question is, are you consciously choosing your course of action, or are you submitting to the whims and wishes of others without taking in to account...

Your Body Knows

Your body is a source of innate and perfect wisdom. If you tap in to the signals it is sending you in each and every moment, you will always know the right thing for you to do and you’ll always be on the right path for you. C’mon… Can Your Body Really Talk to You?...
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