The Nuance of Second Chances

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about second chances, because I really do believe we all deserve them. And then I got to thinking that there’s another important piece to this that I didn’t mention. Sure, when we’re too hard on ourselves,...

Trust and Have Faith that ALL IS WELL

Hold the Vision. Trust the Process. When things aren’t going exactly as you planned, hold tight to your dreams, goals, and vision. You’ve experienced something like this before – things weren’t working out as you expected, and you made it...

Hiccups, Snags, and Whoopses

Sure, it’s great to have a goal and a plan, and to take appropriate action steps towards it. In fact, I don’t know a better way to do it. It provides me with a sense of ease and calm to know the direction I’m headed in, why I’m headed that way,...

Only 25 Days Left in the Year ~ Who Cares?

There are many posts on Facebook and Twitter and in the newsletters of many motivational coaches lately harkening the end of the year saying things like “Oh-Oh, only this many days left to achieve your goals” “Are you where you want to be?”, “You’re running out of...
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