Open Your Eyes to What’s In Front of You

So many people live their lives with blinders on. They fail to see what is in front of them right now, in this moment, and instead they seem to focus on and live in the past. The past has passed. You can’t effect it or change it, and no matter what, it will...

Where Are You Headed?

Have you taken time to evaluate where you’re headed in your life? Have you looked at where you are versus where you would like to be? You can start by taking a few minutes to look at your current circumstances and comparing them to where you were a year ago. Has the...

Are you a Possibility Thinker?

Possibility thinkers are those who dwell in the realm of all that could be. They remove their thoughts from “what is” and decide to focus their vision on what “could be” possible if they would allow themselves to think it. Possibility thinkers are often accused of...

Play The Music that is Within You

The recent death of Michael Jackson sent shock waves through the world.  People everywhere are talking about their memories of the man and his music.  His idiosyncrasies, over-the-top lifestyle, changing facial structure and brushes with the law will no doubt be a...
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