That’s Just Crazy Talk!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are listening to someone, and this person in front of you is saying something that is virtually unbelievable to you or so outlandish that you don’t really know how to respond.  You don’t want to hurt their feelings...

Getting Others to Agree with You

There are times when you feel very clear about your path and you trust the direction in which you are moving. Much of the time, you find that others involved will be right there with you, totally aligned and in agreement. On occasion though, as you move forward...

Making Time Out of Thin Air

An emergency comes up out of nowhere and you are “forced” to take time for something or someone that you had not planned. You have decided that the emergency takes precedence over everything else, because the person or thing that emerged is more important to you than...

Get ‘Em From the Get Go

It is within a matter of seconds that a first impression is made – this goes for meeting someone in person as well as reading something in writing.  In a matter of seconds our brains form an opinion about the person in front of us. Our mind draws on a lifetime...
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