Feel Good First

Your intention matters. Your mood matters. Your vibration matters. How you feel is infused in everything you do, it is reflected in the results of your actions, and it is what comes back to you. Set your intentions first. FEEL GOOD...

Patience is a Virtue

This saying, patience is a virtue, really irritates me. Perhaps it’s because I feel that I don’t have much of it sometimes, and that being patient doesn’t really get things done. Action is what makes things happen, and hard work and long hours come into play too....

Time Crunch

I don’t know about you, but the best way for me to get anything done is to give myself a hard and fast deadline. When I know I have a limited period of time to complete a task some really cool things start happening in my brain and body. It’s as if I find a gear I...

Work WITH the Law of 80/20

There is a law that states that there is an 80/20 proportion that may be applied to most results in our lives.  In most cases 80% of results are attributable to 20% of efforts.  Over many facets of life, we see this law being reflected and proved out time and again. ...
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