A Slight Shift of Perspective

Have you ever cleaned a countertop, a window pane or a stainless steel refrigerator?  Have you noticed that when you moved away from it, even just an inch or two, you saw that you had missed a spot or that there were streaks you didn’t see before?  The surface that...

Holidays and Milestones

Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries naturally call for celebratory activities. When the holidays are here the expectation is that we are happy, jolly, light and in a ‘spiritual’ state of mind and heart. Are you feelin’ it? Sometimes it is tough to get in the spirit...

What Are You Made Of?

Are you a stone or a gem?  Are you a caterpillar or a butterfly?  Are you a word or a book?  No matter where you are in your life… you are complete just as you are. Every stage of your life, every stage of your growth is exactly perfect in and of itself. Your image in...

A Bad Mood is and Indicator of Change

Have you ever woken up ‘grumpy” or with a pervasive feeling of dread or sadness?  You search your mind wondering where these feelings and thoughts come from, and you have no answer – just this horrible bad mood to deal with. So you try to change your mood by...

Back to Basics

In times of turmoil, angst and strife we seek comfort in that which we call ‘normal’.  We look for signs of what we know to be true, and we look for feelings that we are familiar with.  Truly when we experience an upheaval of any kind, there are moments of...
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