Thanks for Giving and Thanks for Receiving

GRATITUDE is a feeling in your heart that resonates through your entire body.  It doesn’t matter if you are on the giving or receiving end of gratitude – it works just the same.  As it moves through you, it literally makes you healthier and happier.  You know this is...

Breathing through Discomfort

Tension is something that can sneak up on you gradually or it can happen in a moment.  One thing you can be sure of is if you are experiencing tension in your emotional life, you will also experience tension in your physical body. When you are tense, you may...

Your Story Is Whatever You Decide

The two articles we are sharing this week both speak about the significance of storytelling.  Truly, we are all storytellers; whether we tell stories to ourselves, about ourselves or about our observances, perspectives and circumstances, we are thinking and speaking...

Back to Basics

In times of turmoil, angst and strife we seek comfort in that which we call ‘normal’.  We look for signs of what we know to be true, and we look for feelings that we are familiar with.  Truly when we experience an upheaval of any kind, there are moments of...

Get Unplugged

When is the last time you truly ‘unplugged’? We’re talking no emails, no cell phones, no to-do lists, no regular day-to-day tasks and chores. We’re talking no brain cells set to ‘on’ and no where to go, nothing to do. We’re talking true and purposeful relaxation all...
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