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What Do You Do When You’re Not Inspired?

42-16546468Many people sit around waiting for inspiration to strike; they’re looking for inspiration on any number of things, like creating a business plan, writing a book or a letter, or deciding what to make for dinner. They sit and wait for the right mood, the right moment, the right idea. Little do they realize that sitting around and waiting for inspiration is really a waste of time.

Inspiration is Not Necessary to Take Action

There are plenty of people who will tell you not to do anything that is uninspired – that you will end up with an inferior, boring … Read More

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52 Lessons from My Father

Sue-Dad-Mom-PIC2-300x233Today marks 18 years since my father’s passing from this earthly plane and I will be spending this day honoring our relationship, our love and the many lessons I learned from him. I am grateful for having shared time with my father during his 52 years on this planet. I am grateful for his unconditional love, his wide smile, his enveloping hugs, his uncompromising and big dreams, his beautiful spirit and the awesome example of his life. I miss his physical presence in my life, and I am grateful each day to be surrounded by his spirit and feel his Read More

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Relationships = Life

“The quality of our relationships equals the quality of our life.”

– Tony Robbins

Tea PartyHave you measured the quality of your relationships lately?  On a business level, are the clients or your co-workers happy with the amount of time you spend with them?  What about the quality of the service and products you deliver and the price they pay for what they receive?  How do you know the answers to these questions?  Is it just a feeling you have or have you had a conversation with them to “check in”?

And what about your family and friends?  Are they happy … Read More

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Have You Forgotten Mother’s Day Already?

Mother's-Day-CardWe haven’t! Why? Because Mother’s Day celebrates one of the most important relationships of our lives. Our mothers are our first loves, our first connection to the world, and in the womb they are literally our source for life. We rely on our mothers for nourishment, energy and life force. We learn from our mothers how to live and love and function as productive members of our families and communities. We learn from the lessons they teach us, we learn from the stories they impart and we learn from the example they provide with their actions as we see them … Read More

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Are You a Believer?

believeI remember years ago when the word ‘Believe’ was a really important word for me.  I told myself that if I believed something enough, it would be true for me. I even bought things with the word ‘Believe’ on it and placed them around my home and office to remind me to believe in myself and my goals – a banner, a pewter stone, a mug.  Believe is still a word that stirs something within me and, now though, I have another word that has even more significance for me… The word is ‘knowing’.

Sometimes Believing is Just the BeginningRead More

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Women Living Consciously Anthology Reaches Number One Amazon Bestseller

3D BookMay 2012 –Powerful You! Publishing is grateful to announce the successful launch of their newly-released book, Women Living Consciously: Real Stories of Women Living on Purpose, with Passion, Empowered.  The book reached the Number One Ranking in the category of Biographies and Memoirs > Childhood and Family. It was also ranked as a Hot New Release and a Mover and Shaker with Amazon.  The book was launched on May 1st.

This empowering new anthology book is a collection of stories by 47 women from various backgrounds and experiences. The authors share their individual stories of transformation … Read More

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Secrets, Fibs and Skirting My Truth

beautiful woman enjoy in meadowI sat on the edge of my bed and wiped the sleep from my eyes when suddenly I realized my mother was standing before me. What’s she holding in her hand? I wondered.

Her words rang in my head as an enormous surge of adrenalin rushed through my tired mind and my whole body went into high alert. “Code Red” as the government would say.

“No, mom, I know what you saw but it doesn’t mean what you think it does!”

“Sue, it’s not normal,” she told me. “But don’t worry. It’s okay. We can get you some help. We … Read More

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Sometimes You Need a Little Help

AD - WLC - 120 x 240Some days are tough… or at least they feel that way when you’re in the middle of them! There are times when you don’t know if you have the strength to get through and yet you “keep on keepin’ on” because you simply feel that you don’t have a choice. The truth is, you always have a choice, and the other truth is, there’s always help out there for you.

Where Do You Turn For Guidance?

Yes, the best source of guidance is within you as long as you’re connected to your core. But then there’s the matter of sage … Read More

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