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The Flow of the Universe is Abundant

If you ever doubt that there is abundance in the world, all you need do is look around you. There is an abundance of beauty in nature. Trees, flowers, grass, butterflies, birds, rain, clouds… these are the bounty of Mother Earth. As you look to the people around you, you will see kindness and helpfulness, laughter and jopowerfuly, teaching and sharing, love and compassion… these are the bounty of humanity. As you look to the material things around you, you will see practical tools for ease of living, technological advances popping up each day, engineering masterpieces like bridges, cars and Read More

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What’s Cookin’?

Life is like a recipe… the end result is dependent on many factors. No single factor is more important than the others, except for knowing the outcome you desire. The quality and amount of the ingredients will certainly affect the taste. The length of time you invest in preparation and the cooking process may make the difference in whether or not things run smoothly and whether or not you enjoy yourself. You may find that you need a partner or an assistant to get the job done. The time you allow for cooking may reflect in the intensity of the … Read More
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Ready Or Not, Here I Come

Winding RoadDo you remember playing hide and seek as a child?  When you were “it”, you had to close your eyes and count to 20 while the other kids scampered for a hiding place.  When you reached 20 you would yell out, “ready or not, here I come”, and then proceed to look for the other kids and tag them before they made it back to home base.  If you successfully tagged someone, it was their turn to be “it” and the game continued.  When you were the one hiding, your heart raced wildly and your breathing grew faster each time Read More

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What Are You Waiting For?

Are you waiting for the right moment or the right opportunity? Are you waiting until your presentation or product is perfect? Are you waiting until you feel better, feel more confident or just plain feel like it? Well, while you’re waiting, life is happening. While you’re waiting, someone is picking up their phone and calling your prospect and perhaps even your client. While you are waiting, someone else is doing something and being proactive.

Don’t wait. Whatever it is you’ve been putting off – do it now. Do it right now.

There is no time like the present. There is … Read More

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Free Tele-Seminar Series for Conscious Women

You’re invited to this life-changing series:

Women Living Consciously

Teleseminar Series

Are you a woman on a journey who could use some help along the way?  Are you a woman with a vision who would like clarity, tools and assistance?  Are you a woman stuck in a pattern that zaps your power and needs a way out?  Are you a woman who loves to learn, be inspired, and to expand your life?

This Teleseminar Series is Designed for YOU

FOR SIX CONSECUTIVE WEEKS, we are providing valuable insights to you from a group of incredible experts.  You will be able to … Read More

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When All Else Fails, Remember this: Failure is Simply a Result

Just like everything else in this life, failure is what you think it is.  So what do you think it is?  Is it a reflection of your character, your brain power or your abilities?  Is it the end of a journey because things didn’t happen as you envisioned?  Or is it simply a result?   When you choose to look at failure as a dark and gloomy “finality”, and you take it on as an aspect of your personhood, you may be burdening yourself with unnecessary baggage.  If you label failure as “bad”, you may also make the leap and label … Read More

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Work WITH the Law of 80/20

There is a law that states that there is an 80/20 proportion that may be applied to most results in our lives.  In most cases 80% of results are attributable to 20% of efforts.  Over many facets of life, we see this law being reflected and proved out time and again.  In approximation, we know that 80% of the money belongs to 20% of the people, that 80% of sales come from 20% of customers and that 80% of our happiness comes from 20% of our interactions.  What does this mean for our everyday lives?  It means that a relatively Read More

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Your Personal Brand – It’s an Inside Job

Animal---Seagull-soaringAre in the business of selling products or are you in the business of selling services?  No matter what you are selling, the most important aspect of any selling you do has nothing to do with what you are selling.  Sure the basics have to be in place – price, quality, benefits for the consumer and value – and yet, these are so much less important than the one critical factor that truly sells your products and services. What is the number one “selling point”?  It’s you.

How you represent the product or service is the single most important factor in Read More

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