Million Dollar Ideas

You’ve probably had at least one million dollar idea in your lifetime, right? In fact, I imagine you might have even had ten or even a hundred of them. Some people will even attest that they saw their idea ‘in the flesh’ on a store shelf or for sale on the internet...

What Are You Eluding?

Is there something you desire that seems out of your reach? Something that you have a hankering for that is eluding you? Perhaps it is not really eluding you – perhaps you are eluding it. As human beings we have come to expect that we will not receive everything we...

Open Your Mind to Possibility

In the reading of the bestselling book Women, Food and God, I found myself immersed in the possibility of release.  Release from a lifetime of feeling caught up in so many emotions about food.  What Geneen Roth taught me through the pages of her book is that we are...

The Flow of the Universe is Abundant

If you ever doubt that there is abundance in the world, all you need do is look around you. There is an abundance of beauty in nature. Trees, flowers, grass, butterflies, birds, rain, clouds… these are the bounty of Mother Earth. As you look to the people around...
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