Fabric of Life

Think about a time that you were completely wrapped up in a project – worked wholeheartedly and seemingly non-stop and then suddenly, boom…it’s over. Have you ever felt like you don’t know what to do with yourself?  I mean, now that the party is over, the thing...

Honoring our Mothers

As we move through life, we often see our mothers in ourselves. We may catch ourselves doing what our mothers have done in the same situation. We hear words from our own lips and we hear our mothers voices. We find our thought process asking the question, “What...

The Flow of the Universe is Abundant

If you ever doubt that there is abundance in the world, all you need do is look around you. There is an abundance of beauty in nature. Trees, flowers, grass, butterflies, birds, rain, clouds… these are the bounty of Mother Earth. As you look to the people around...

Waiting for Perfect

Do you find yourself checking your list – checking it twice?  Are you gonna find out if it’s finished and nice?  Are you like countless others who check and re-check their work as much as ten or more times before deciding that it’s good enough for someone else’s...
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