You are Powerful… Yes, YOU!

You are powerful beyond measure… Yes, YOU! What you say and do matters. How you feel and the vibes you’re emitting touch everyone around you, and these vibes go on to effect the entire population and planet. We’ve all heard it before...

Free Tele-Seminar Series for Conscious Women

You’re invited to this life-changing series: Women Living Consciously Teleseminar Series Are you a woman on a journey who could use some help along the way?  Are you a woman with a vision who would like clarity, tools and assistance?  Are you a woman stuck in a...

Work WITH the Law of 80/20

There is a law that states that there is an 80/20 proportion that may be applied to most results in our lives.  In most cases 80% of results are attributable to 20% of efforts.  Over many facets of life, we see this law being reflected and proved out time and again. ...

Shift Happens

A shift is a slight movement, stirring or change. Throughout the day, many little shifts are occurring around you and within you. These shifts may be in the form of a new thought, an altering of a current thought or a movement of energy. Energetic shifts are the ones...

Energy Vampires are Sucky Things

There are people among us who, on occasion and effortlessly, seem to suck the life out of us. You know them because they leave you feeling drained. These people are referred to as Energy Vampires. They may be people you love, work with or are close to. They may not...
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