Waking Up Happy

Waking Up Happy How did you feel when you woke up this morning? Did you open your eyes and feel excited, energized, and well-rested? Did you have a sense of well-being and ease? Did you feel ready for this day? Was today a day you woke up happy? So many of us simply...

Feel Good First

Your intention matters. Your mood matters. Your vibration matters. How you feel is infused in everything you do, it is reflected in the results of your actions, and it is what comes back to you. Set your intentions first. FEEL GOOD...

Change is in the Air

It’s January 19th, it’s a new year, and tomorrow we will have a new president here in the USA. No matter how you feel about the president, we can all agree that we are in for some changes. Change is inevitable. Change happens around us all the time. It is our ability...

New Year, New You ~ Or Not

The powers that be would have us believe that the beginning of a new year means the beginning of new habits and new ways of being. We search for new bodies, better relationships, the end of ‘bad habits’ and more material stuff. We’re tricked each year into believing...
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