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Is Universal Peace of Mind Really Possible?

ATT00062MA9075984-0004People value things differently.  Some people get a high from having fun, laughter, adventure, excitement and even danger in their lives.  Some people find learning, structure and knowledge provides them with a sense of power and certainty.  Other people value calm and ease, silence, prayer and serenity.  All of these people in one way or other are seeking the same thing – peace of mind. What offers peace of mind to one person may bring angst and fear to another.

You can tell a lot about a person’s values by what type of activities they choose, what line of work … Read More

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Back to Basics

Field - SunflowersIn times of turmoil, angst and strife we seek comfort in that which we call ‘normal’.  We look for signs of what we know to be true, and we look for feelings that we are familiar with.  Truly when we experience an upheaval of any kind, there are moments of uncertainty.  It may be a physical upheaval like the loss of income, an injury or illness or moving our home. It may be an emotional upheaval like a shift in energy, an unexpected change of heart or the loss of a relationship.  No matter on what plane the angst comes … Read More

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Logic is Overrated

Big Sky with Sun Rays and GrassSociety insists on logic. It insists that there must be a method to the madness and rhyme or reason to everything that exists.  Society will say ‘spell it out for me’ or ‘show me why’ or ‘ draw me a picture’.  It says that there must be a plan and a path and a statistical leaning towards one thing or the other.  It says that there must be a well thought out course of action and a step-by-step procedure.

Society demands proof.

I think differently.  I think there never needs to be proof when there are feelings that come through … Read More

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