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Use The Plunger

hot swirlTHE WATER is running from the faucet and the drain appears to be open, yet the water sits unmoving in the sink basin.  What gives?  Apparently there is some sort of obstruction in the pipe that is the inner workings of the sink and now, it is clogged.  Stuff that you thought was moving easily through the pipes has instead been collecting and piling up until there isn’t even a tiny passage for anything more to move through. This is not unlike the thoughts that move through your brain. You have a multitude of thoughts coming and going every single day.… Read More

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Moving to the Next Level

Life is good and everything is pretty much “copasetic “. You’re healthy and have people who love you, you have a roof over your head and food to eat. Things could definitely be worse and you really don’t have much to complain about, right?

So why do you feel there is something more to be had?

It’s because there IS! Life is so full of incredible adventures, peaceful bliss, joyful moments and intense exhilaration. It is filled with opportunity and more pleasures than we can even imagine. So how can you tap into this and feel the beauty of life Read More

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Tapping Into the Universal Brain

Have you ever had an idea and thought “Wow, this is a spectacular idea. Someday, I’m going to produce this and everyone in the world own one”?  Then a few months later, you see the product you had envisioned on a late-night infomercial selling for $29 and you think, “Hey they stole my idea”.  What just happened? How could it be that someone you never met on the other side of the planet had the same idea that you did?  And how did they get it to market so fast?  It is because there is a “Universal Brain” that exists Read More

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Breathing Through Discomfort

Tension is something that can sneak up on you gradually or it can happen in a moment. However your tension shows up for you, you can be sure that if you are experiencing tension in your emotional life, you will also experience tension in your physical body. When you are tense, you may notice a number of different symptoms including and not limited to a tightening of your muscles weakening of your limbs, headaches, dizziness, crankiness, depression, an ache or knot in your stomach, or random aches and pains. A common symptom that accompanies tension or stress is that your Read More

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