You Deserve a Break Today

I don’t know if anyone else started to sing when you saw this headline, but I know that the old jingle from a McDonald’s commercial from the 70’s started playing in head as I was typing it. (See commercial) Now, I don’t have any intentions of going to McDonald’s and I...

Breathing Through Discomfort

Tension is something that can sneak up on you gradually or it can happen in a moment. However your tension shows up for you, you can be sure that if you are experiencing tension in your emotional life, you will also experience tension in your physical body. When you...

Only 25 Days Left in the Year ~ Who Cares?

There are many posts on Facebook and Twitter and in the newsletters of many motivational coaches lately harkening the end of the year saying things like “Oh-Oh, only this many days left to achieve your goals” “Are you where you want to be?”, “You’re running out of...

The Hum-Bug and Happy of the Holidays

Is it getting to you yet?  Do you feel the pressure and push of the holiday season?  And even though you’d like to be jolly and bright, you find yourself being a bit of a Scrooge?  No worries.  There are lots of people who feel this way on and off during the holiday...

Get Unplugged

When is the last time you truly ‘unplugged’? We’re talking no emails, no cell phones, no to-do lists, no regular day-to-day tasks and chores. We’re talking no brain cells set to ‘on’ and no where to go, nothing to do. We’re talking true and purposeful relaxation all...
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