Million Dollar Ideas

You’ve probably had at least one million dollar idea in your lifetime, right? In fact, I imagine you might have even had ten or even a hundred of them. Some people will even attest that they saw their idea ‘in the flesh’ on a store shelf or for sale on the internet...

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Two Minds Are Better Than One… and sometimes both minds are your own.  It’s true. We end up in a situation because of the thoughts we have thought in the past and the actions we took that landed us here. Now that we’re in it, there is no way for us to get out of it...

It’s Better Because of You

By your inherent nature and energy, you continually affect everything and everyone you come in contact with.  The combined energy of your heart space and your brain send ‘waves’ to all that surrounds you and simply by thinking and feeling, you literally create the...

Tapping Into the Universal Brain

Have you ever had an idea and thought “Wow, this is a spectacular idea. Someday, I’m going to produce this and everyone in the world own one”?  Then a few months later, you see the product you had envisioned on a late-night infomercial selling for $29 and you...

Making Tough Decisions

It should be easy to make decisions, right? You lay out the facts, make lists if pros and cons, get some expert advice and then you simply pick. If it were that easy though, we wouldn’t have so much angst and indecision in our lives. We would flit through life,...
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