What Keeps You Up At Night?

It has been said that the thoughts we have in the middle of the night are ones we should pay attention to. We’ve all woken up at 2:00am with some crazy thought about what’s wrong in our life, or conversely some incredibly creative idea that’s the answer to what we...

Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover

We’ve all heard this statement and we know that the sentiment implies that there is more below the surface than what we see at first glance.  We also know that covers can be deceiving, shallow, inappropriate representations and sometimes even downright misleading. Is...

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Two Minds Are Better Than One… and sometimes both minds are your own.  It’s true. We end up in a situation because of the thoughts we have thought in the past and the actions we took that landed us here. Now that we’re in it, there is no way for us to get out of it...

There’s No Time Like the Present.

You’ve heard it before – and it bears repeating – there’s no time like the present. What this speaks to is the value of this very moment. As far as you know, it’s the only one you’ve got; and every single moment after the one you’re in is a bonus. Living in the NOW is...

Feelings of Peace

How are you feeling today?  How would you like to feel today?  Happy? Joyful? Peaceful? PEACE:  A feeling of ease and calm within, no matter what exists around you. A feeling doesn’t happen to you, it is produced within your mind. Your feelings are derived from your...
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